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May 30, 2016 philip260897 Beta
Description With this plugin you don't have to worry about falling down from tall buildings, mountains or even trees anymore. Just pull open your parachute and sail your way down Updated for Bukkit version 1.9 Video Controls Take a piece of String in your hand Rightclick to Open parachute Rightclick again to Close parachute Press SHIFT to toggle between Fast and Slow Descending Commands /sd reload #Reloads the configuration Permissions skydiver.admin #All permissions skydiver.reload #Reload...


Apr 30, 2016 philip260897 Release
Description This plugin is no longer under developement. If any developers want to continue it, please PM me. Thank you pie_flavor for updating to 1.9 This plugin was inspired by the plugin "bLift". But this has to be a little bigger. Well and that's what I've done. I have made a more Elevator like experience. There are no commands necessary, so this is very easy to use. I hope you will enjoy this plugin as much as i do. Features Multiple floors Multiple people in elevator Smooth movement...


Jan 20, 2013 philip260897 Release
Description With this plugin you can let your users manage and/or repair their tools/weapon/armor by simply Left or Right clicking on a RepairShop sign. How it works There are 2 kinds of Shops. The PlayerShops and the AdminShops. You can let your users take care of their own repair shop. It takes up resources that are stored in a chest below the repair sign, to repair your tool/armor/weapon. The owner of that shop needs to check that there are always enough resources in the chest. If you just...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found