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Mar 29, 2014 richreid45 Planning
TheAbilityGames is a modified version of the all popular Hunger Games! With TheAbilityGames, at the start of each round, the player will be able to select a kit and use it to fight to the death with the other opponents. This plugin will take over the entire server, and the world will be regenerated after each restart. Restarting/Stopping the server - Tools such as RSToolkit or multicraft are recommended to auto-restart the server, and the stop command can be changed via the config. Kits:...


Dec 23, 2013 richreid45 Release
A simple way to change names Example Usage Note, you cannot change your name to an existing online player's name Commands /myname {name} - Will set your display name /myname {player} {name} - Will set another player's display name /resetname - Will reset your display name /resetname {player} - Will reset another player's display name Permissions - Set your display name - Set another player's display name myname.reset - Reset your display name myname.reset.others...


Dec 21, 2013 richreid45 Release
OrderFood Summary OrderFood is a plugin where if you type /order menu you get a menu of different foods to order! Type /order {food} to get the food! It's as simple as that! Permissions Permissions: order.order Bring up the menu order.{food} Order the selected food Example Usage Player: "Hmmm I'm hungry, but I'm nowhere near the server's shop!" Player types command /order menu Player: "I'd like some cooked chicken right about now" Player types command /order Chicken Player gets chicken and...


Oct 24, 2012 richreid45 Release
What Is UltiBukkit? UltiBukkit is a standard plugin that is meant to have fun on any server! It includes various features such as Slapping, Healing, Getting Fed, etc. The reason that the commands are "different" for example, rather than /feed its /food, is because when i was programming this, i wanted it to work with Essentials as it is on almost every server! Commands/Permissions: /slap ultibukkit.slap (playername) Allows You To Slap A Player, Deals 2 Hearts Damage Using A Poison Effect...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found