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Creeper Spawner 2


Sep 15, 2016 ryvix Release
This plugin allows you to set mob spawner types and optionally gather mob spawners with a Silk Touch enchanted tool. Features You can change the type of spawner you are looking at or holding by using /spawner <EntityType>. For example /spawner creeper will change the spawner to a creeper spawner. It will tell you what kind of spawner you interact with or type /spawner while looking at it. Command to give yourself or another player a spawner of a given type. /spawner list and /spawner help...
Default minecart position


May 16, 2013 ryvix Beta
SignUtilities SignUtilities provides useful commands and other features for signs. Features Change text color on signs via the /setcolor command or using &4Red text for example. Copy and paste text on signs. You can even copy and paste one line at a time. A news system. Add news to your news paper and players can right-click on the sign to read it. Command signs - Enter [cmd] on the first line of a sign then the command with the arguments on the other lines as if writing it in the chat. Spawn...

Sign Utilities

May 07, 2012 timcolonel Release
Updated version For CB 1.4+ Requirements: Required: Vault: needed for permssion and economy plugins Optional: Any permssion and economy plugin listed on vault page Information: -Permissions are now in the plugin. Compatible permissionbukkit(with superbridgeperm). -If you have any idea about other useful things I should had, you're welcome! -Delete the config file before using the version 1.2 Description: SignUtilities give you useful command for signs.First of all it allow you to change the...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found