Who turned out the lights?

Pyramid Adventure

Feb 26, 2012 soopytwist Release
Pyramid Adventure is exactly as the title suggests - a puzzle adventure in a pyramid underground, for single players only. Your goal is to reach the gold throne room and the prizes that await! But to get there you will be required to avoid traps and solve puzzles using items you collect on your way through the pyramid. can you solve the riddles and survive? Only one way to find out!
Big statues!

Pyramid Adventure II

Mar 15, 2014 soopytwist Release
Egypt is the destination this time around for another adventure deep underground. Your explorations will take you through mines, caves and tombs; and of course a pyramid or two. Your goal is to reach the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Sun God, Ra and claim his treasures. But it won't be easy, not only do you have traps to avoid and puzzles to solve but you also have servants of the dead to contend with! This map includes replacement textures and sprites. Instructions for use are included in the...