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OnlinePlayerDetectionSigns (OPDS)

Nov 04, 2013 sourcemaker Release
OnlinePlayerDetectionSigns Overview The OPDS plugin is a plugin for bukkit which enables the detection if a player is online or offline. Player offline If the player is offline, the sign will show: "Player offline since mm/dd/yy HH:mm" and deactivate the lever (⇒ redstone signal disabled) Screenshot Player online If the player is online, the sign will show: "Playernam online" and activate the lever (⇒ redstone signal enabled) Screenshot Usage Create a sign, first line: [ONLINE], second line:...


Oct 21, 2013 sourcemaker Release
StreamClear Overview StreamClear removes connect/disconnect (reconnect) spam in chat. Also this plugin allowes customized join-messages and leave-messages. What makes the difference? As a server owner, you are most likely aware of those irritating moments where players leave and rejoin the server again and again until the chat is spammed with those yellow "left/joined the game" messages. This plugin does its' best to resolve this. This plugin only displays a player as "left", once he has been...


Feb 26, 2013 sourcemaker Release
wwwLag wwwLag inserts important performance data into your mySQL-DB to display them in the www. The chart can be included anywhere (php-include, iFrame or via source code) What does wwwLag display and what features? Players online Average TPS (new) Loaded chunks (new) Loaded entities Free memory (can be disabled) IP-Filter and password-protection for inserting the data Configurable width and height of the chart (new) Manual update ingame possible Commands and permissions /wwwlag update...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found