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Aug 30, 2012 sw123 Release
CompactMyInv Description CompactMyInv is a plugin that adds the /less command to your minecraft server. What this command does is reduce the amount of an item in your inventory to one. An example: you have 123 redstone, 24 sandstone and 4 redstone torches in your inventory. Instead of reducing the amount yourself you do /less and what you will have left is: 1 redstone, 1 sandstone and 1 redstone torch. There is one permission node for this plugin. That node is: "compactmyinv.use". commands...


Oct 08, 2012 sw123 Alpha
HeroicChat Introduction HeroicChat is a plug and play, easy to use chat plugin. This plugin will add channel based chat to you minecraft server. Once a new player joins the server he will be put in the default channel and he will be able to talk to everyone in that channel. The player will also be able to join and create other channels. What is a Channel? A channel is a chatroom for people to chat in. Every channel has its own name and prefix. People are able to listen (receive) chat from...


May 09, 2013 sw123 Release
ModReq - Staff request tickets made easy Features: ModReq is designed to make the life of staff members and players a lot easier. All a player has to do is submit a ticket and a staff member will get a notification. The staff member can then view the ticket details and help the player. More information can be found on the Commands page. A ticket contains the following info: Name of the submitter Date and time of ticket Status of a ticket Location of request Message Staff member Comments Let...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found