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Jun 30, 2014 theluckyg Release
Description This plugin offers a complete, lightweight, and easy to set up system to freeze any of your server's users. It's function is simple: It keeps players from moving. You can use it as a punishment for hackers, freeze the entire server in case of grief or use /sfreeze when somebody keeps buzzing around. In addition, even if you have the exemption permission, you can still freeze yourself, so, for example, if you're falling out of the world, typing a fast /freeze can save you time....


Aug 07, 2013 theluckyg Release
Description Being a server admin sometimes turns Minecraft boring. This plugin is intended to help server admins make their time in Minecraft a little bit more fun. This plugin can make a player/the whole server believe something happened, when it actually didn't. Something like "Gamerule keepInventory has been set to true" or "Opped target". And if you don't want to trick anybody, but to visibly annoy someone , you can fill their chatbox with a text of choice. If you want to know what are...


Aug 01, 2013 theluckyg Release
Description This plugin helps server administrators to keep the chat clean and friendly. It is easy to use, in fact it is more than easy to use: it can work at the moment you install it. What this plugin does is simple: It inspects every message sent in your server's chat looking for the words listed in the config, and when it finds one, it replaces the whole message for a new one specified in the config (Default is "I'm a slum-dweller swearer"). There are currently no permissons or commands....
  • 3 bukkit plugins found