Naz^zombies: the void

Sep 10, 2011 thepumaman1 Release
(the two links above are for basic gameplay vids before the update... they lack all of the new features, but summarize the gameplay [tutorial]) NEW VIDEO LINK: this vid contains all of the new updates you choose one of six characters (for six players) and survive against waves of zombies and demons by purchasing weapons, opening doors, using teleporters, perks, and powers UPDATE (because this is a very very vague description): there are 14 weapons, and the list is (1) starting weapon that...

Dead star tower war

Jul 07, 2011 thepumaman1 Release
6 players work together and build units, turrets, and towers. The goal is to keep waves of enemies from reaching the end of the road. There are several new units including a modified marine called a spartan (you know where it's from). Every faction gets at least 2 new units. All teams get modified bunkers that look different and add range (towers). Towers can be built on or off creep and may contain: scvs, drones, all terran infantry, infested brutes, hydralisks, roaches, archons, stalkers,...