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Sep 01, 2016 tyzoid Mature
Colors Colors is a fully configurable chat plugin. You can change the commands used, substitute your own color characters, and even disable portions of the plugin. With colors, your chat needs are finally fulfilled. Using colors, you can add prefixes and suffixes to both users and groups, you can finally type commands using color, and you make your chat appear in a rainbow (great for annoying your users!). Colors supports both the old permissions format, and the new superperms permissions...
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Jun 04, 2013 C0nsoleMC Release
BeSuperman Overview Although there are a handful of plugins like this, only one is updated, and that one simply allows you to be "super" rather than what this one allows you to do; Be Superman! Features Armor and head to match superman Flight Ability to breath underwater Ability to take less damage One hit kill punch to anyone but another superman NEW IN 1.1! Speed NEW IN 2.2! Weakness! When superman picks up kryptonite (emerald) he takes 20 damage, A.K.A. one fifth of his max health Commands...

HAGG - Gortume

Apr 25, 2013 C0nsoleMC Planning
What is it? Hide and Go Gortume is a minigame plugin in which one random person is gortume, and they must proceed to kill everyone else in the game, in less then a configurable time. More in depth description These are the stages of the game: Join into the lobby via a command, or via a sign. We do not have our own signs, but suggest ServerSigns Once the game currently going on finishes, there will be the following broadcasts: [HAGG] A game will start in the arena <arena> in 30 seconds [HAGG]...
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Dec 06, 2012 ShootToMaim Release
Flying - The Simple Way! Current SimpleFly Version: 1.4.7b Be advised, this SimpleFly version is a beta build. If you want the most stable release, download v1.4.5. SimpleFly is a super simple flying plugin! Simply use /fly and /stopfly to start and stop flying! Features No damage on falling when using /stopfly! Super simple /fly and /stopfly commands! All permissions plugins supported! Permissions plugin is not needed (defaults to OP!) Very customizable! Commands /fly - Start flying!...
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May 23, 2012 ShootToMaim Release
JailLikeHell - Make Those Griefers Suffer! JailLikeHell on the Bukkit Forums! JailLikeHell Version: 5.4.1 Current Downloads: Click Here! JailLikeHell is a fork of the plugin SimpleJail. It has more commands, and more functions than SimpleJail, as well as Jail Protection, so prisoners cannot break out! The jail is also targeted by lightning when set (every 10 seconds)! Features Easy Customization Use /jlh setjail and /jlh setunjail to easily set the two jail and unjail locations! Players'...


Apr 09, 2012 tyzoid Release
HeavenActivity tracks the player's activity of the last minutes (default: 15) by tracking block place/break, movement, chat and command usage. Everything is configurable (points per event, delays, timeframe, notification cycle etc). It can give iConomy income based on activity AND player balance. HeavenActivity tracks the player's activity of the last minutes (default: 15) by tracking block place/break, movement, chat and command usage. Everything is configurable (points per event, delays,...


Sep 27, 2011 tyzoid Alpha
Allows admins (and players with permission) to create traps from a chest. The chest then becomes un-openable, and does different things to you, depending on the trap created. Possible traps: Kills you Teleport to random location. Clears your inventory. Spawn a mob of angry wolves on you. <font color="red" size="4">Please use the thread on bukkit found here. It is easier for me to keep track of.</font>
  • 7 bukkit plugins found