Codename Hope [1 player] [scenario]

Mar 14, 2011 vadremix Alpha
Untitled Project [Codename Hope] During the multiplayer beta, I experimented with the map editor a bit. I started working on a single player campaign, and while it seemed cool at first, things quickly got frustrating. The map was way to small, important scripted events were buggy, AI was pretty much non-existent. I didn't know much about code structure, so, even though I was using the GUI, triggers quickly became a complete mess. Since then I've learned PHP, and knowing the way a programming...
Character Screen

World of Starcraft

Aug 27, 2010 slaydon Beta
Project Inactive, recreated version is out, tho poorly finished. PROJECT INACTIVE DUE Recreation projects being not populated and this would take loads of time, for recreation a game. But there was no loss in this project :-| tho, the systems work fine ;)
Dialog menu

[inactive] Brave Storm ep1: White Rose Wilted (formerly Of Tal'ras)

Jun 01, 2010 vadremix Alpha
(This map was created during the beta. It's very rough, and since then I have learned a TON about how to use the editor. I may in the future make a new series of maps using the same concept) Brave Storm: White Rose Wilted features triggers, dialog, missions, and a story-line! You have been assigned by the resistance group, White Rose, to retrieve the Tal'ras'n Crystal - a crystal with potent psionic energy powerful enough to disrupt the Queen of Blades' communication with the zerg. The local...