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Diablo 3 UI Tutorial

Feb 21, 2013 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Release
People have seen other submissions of maps that have a diablo 3 ui with the health and mana orbs moving. But they don't include how to do this, I have created a test map that shows you how to do it enjoy. must have the unit attached have an energy value for this to work or you will get a divide by zero issue. The file attached is a zip which includes the images for the ui screenshotted from diablo 3 and the orbs where modeled by me. Notable things to remember: There is some data edits for the...

Death Haven v2

Sep 22, 2011 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Alpha
I have updated the original map Death Haven. Look for it on Starcraft under Death Haven v2 US only Current Changes: - New hero called Marauder (only available at 10k kills) - Voice overs on all cutscenes - SCV for base repairs aswell as base defenses In Progress: - New character selection - New hero based on poll - New map layout Been put on hold as im trying to get my Diablo map finished