Theres a wolf in all of us

The Wolf - Lycanthropy

Mar 30, 2012 SnyderGuy Release
Theres a wolf in all of us In Lycanthropy, there are 3 werewolves, and 5 towns, (5players) during the day, you will live as anormal citizen under the lights of the city, at night, you can either sleep through the night, or go into the forest, make sure you arnt being watched, and transform, destroy as much of the city as you can in the 1:30 you have, without being killed, if you are caught transforming or deforming, you will have a bounty over you, if all towns are destroyed, werewolves win,...
TW New img updated

Tribal Wars

Dec 23, 2011 SnyderGuy Release
Offical Forum Images/Screenshots Millions of years ago even before the Xel'naga made contact to the Protoss, The tribes of the Protoss were at major battle... With, each other... The Journey Begins It wasn't until a strange pod fell from the sky slamming into the ground, where a massive creature came out of the ground, a worgen... Xel'tir Xel'tir, one of the leaders, tamed him, gave him armor but this was a mistake The worgen broke free and destroyed the city. The Worgens seek infestation of...

Custom Chatbox Using Listbox

Mar 22, 2013 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Release
Hello I have create a custom Chatbox using a listbox as the main holder for the chat Features: - Auto Scrolling when new messages added (Slight Flicker) - Click message to view in larger context (for large messages) - Moved Blizzard chatdisplay using UIEditor
version 3.0

Diablo 3 UI Tutorial

Feb 21, 2013 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Release
People have seen other submissions of maps that have a diablo 3 ui with the health and mana orbs moving. But they don't include how to do this, I have created a test map that shows you how to do it enjoy. must have the unit attached have an energy value for this to work or you will get a divide by zero issue. The file attached is a zip which includes the images for the ui screenshotted from diablo 3 and the orbs where modeled by me. Notable things to remember: There is some data edits for the...

The Rogue's Story

Dec 03, 2011 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Alpha
Description Hello I have been working on a Diablo 2 map for Starcraft 2 it will be the Act 1 in the Diablo 2 game relived in Starcraft 2 Author changed from GOOSE to dRaGoN Comment Here on SC2 forums Completion Date ABANDONED Current Skills Done Inferno Fireball Chain Lightning Wall Of Fire Ice Bolt Ice Blast Teleport Nova Frost Nova Thunder Storm Blizzard Meteor Leap Attack Raise Skeleton Blessed Hammer Current Features One Two's click move system (revamped by me) 7 Different Heroes...

Death Haven v2

Sep 22, 2011 xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx Alpha
I have updated the original map Death Haven. Look for it on Starcraft under Death Haven v2 US only Current Changes: - New hero called Marauder (only available at 10k kills) - Voice overs on all cutscenes - SCV for base repairs aswell as base defenses In Progress: - New character selection - New hero based on poll - New map layout Been put on hold as im trying to get my Diablo map finished