Planet Pack

Feb 10, 2016 Rispetto Release
A mod containing 72 unique planet models. Originally created by xcorbo, I advanced on his work by making individual models by hex editing the one that he made to be compatible with his other textures. As of v1.4, I re-made the template model used by the models in order to fix a bug caused by Patch 3.0 that caused models to turn black. +------+ Credits to xcorbo for creating the normals and diffuses. Credits to Rispetto for making the models and making them compatible with his textures....
Tristram Tileset

Tristram Tileset [Diablo III]

Jun 27, 2012 xcorbo Release
BEHOLD! The first Diablo III tileset! This tileset features selected textures from New Tristram in Diablo 3! The pallete was specifically designed to recreate and "capture" the tristram/Act I feel of Diablo 3. You'll have a wide range from interior textures, to rock pathways and rocky muds and of course the yellow grass. In addtion to that you will also have 2 sets of textures with "grass patches" The rock cliff texture with grass patches and mud with patches for greater detail. In addition...
Polar 1

Polar Tileset

Nov 03, 2011 xcorbo Alpha
This is a work in progress that I am realeasing "As is". I haven't, by far, finished it and I probably won't or just go slooooowly so I guess some of you will find it interesting. This is a sc2mod with every texture and normal map required for my "Tundra" tileset. A snow themed tileset for an area called Berg that was supposed to be set in ancient times, pangaea 1 kind of ancient. I've used 2 niffleheim textures and the rest I've found or made them myself with filterforge or genetica...
Bifröst bridge

Bifröst bridge

Jul 01, 2011 xcorbo Release
Inspired by the Bifröst bridge from norse mythology (also deeply inspired by the movie THOR :P) I created this bridge. It's a really simple model, it's just a cube with some faces missing but it comes to life with the textures, the alpha transparency and the emissives. Hope you find a use for it and, enjoy! You can either download the test map or the zip containing the model and the texture set.
nyan cat ingame

nyan cat

Jun 21, 2011 xcorbo Release
I have NO idea what this is, someone requested it and I just made it :P Enjoy! Really, I have no clue :P


May 06, 2011 xcorbo Release
A cheese model made for Alzarath in this thread. Enjoy your cheese that is not 3gate zealot spam or marines :P! Pack includes m3 model and texture :D
Planet index

Planet Package!

Jul 17, 2010 xcorbo Release
Here's a planet package I made to answer this particular request: http://forums.sc2mapster.com/development/artist-tavern/4423-planet-models/#p9 It contains 76 planets, actually it only contains one planet model :P but it has 76 textures for you to choose between. To change the "planet" all you have to do is rename the whatever texture you wish to use so you can import them to the editor. Better instructions inside the package. The package is rather large so you can contact me to upload a...