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Feb 08, 2015 zachbora Release
PlotMe PlotMe is a multi-world plot management plugin. Each plot world has its own configurations. Each plot is also protected and only the owner can build on it. The roads surrounding the plots are protected from griefing. We do use to collect usage data. The data collected is not personal and collects mainly version stats. This can be disabled in the metrics config. We are obligated by BukkitDev to say the following about downloading the latest version of PlotMe from our...
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May 03, 2014 zachbora Release
iChatPlayerList This plugin requires iChat from Drakia or Supachat. I want to thank him for making the awesome colored ranks plugin. What it does is it gets the last color on your prefix and adds it to each player displayname (so they show colored in /who and /list, might not always work) and the TAB list of players. There is also option to display who is OP and/or creative mode. Help page News! Now supporting the TagAPI ( changes your overhead name...
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Apr 28, 2014 zachbora Release
DynmapPlotMe This plugin will automatically hook into your PlotMe plots and display them on your dynmap for worlds on which PlotMe is enabled. Plots will show with a pale red border and can be clicked to see the plot id, owner and helpers. Requirements This plugin requires both dynmap and PlotMe. Installation Just drag the jar in your plugins folder. Source Available Here Current Version Changes Version 0.3 Fixed the plugin, now correctly works. Rebuilt it and tested with current PlotMe...


Jul 09, 2013 zachbora Beta
CloneMe You want to build symetrical buildings twice or four times as fast? Look no more, this plugin is for you. Developped in an underground basement by canadian monkeys, this plugin brings you clones that will copy exactly every action you do. Video Presentation Note : The stair rotation bug is already fixed in the the latest build. This video was recorded a week ago before many changes. Video of possible usage outside building things How does it work? Each time you create a clone, you...


Apr 11, 2013 zachbora Release
EmoteMe EmoteMe is aimed at adding chat commands. It does not alter gameplay, only chat. It creates additional /<command> based on the EmoteMe configuration file. EmoteMe comes with default commands but you can easily add, edit or delete what they do. Commands /emoteme - This will display the name of every emote in your EmoteMe configurations /emoteme help <emote> - This will display the help line from the EmoteMe configuration for that specific emote /emoteme reload - This will reload the...
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Jan 10, 2013 zachbora Release
PlayerStatus Allows a player to tell everyone that he is AwayFromKeyboard (AFK). Private message senders will be notified that the player is AFK. Allows a player to tell everyone that he is DoNotDisturb (DND). Private message senders will be notified that the player is DND. Allows a player to remove every regular chat text and emotes (/me) messages. The player will still see commands and server messages. Allows a player to remove private messages (/msg and /tell). Private message senders will...


Dec 24, 2012 zachbora Beta
FireworkMe FireworkMe is a plugin to create and edit fireworks. It was too complicated and took to long to create fireworks manually, so I created this plugin to help. Please feel free to comment on additions or changes I should do on this plugin. I did it in 1 day and might not have thought about everything. Commands You can either use /fireworkme or /fm as an alias if no other plugins registered it. CommandExplanation /fireworkmeLists the commands possible /fireworkme add*Allows to create a...


Aug 09, 2012 zachbora Release
How to use video by Samkio and Torrent Tired of people cursing on your server and reading their immature messages or what they think of your family? Search no more! CensorIt is the plugin for you. CensorIt has been specifically designed to remove unwanted words no matter how they are spelt, let it be with special characters, repeated characters, spaces or capitals! The plugin contains a list of censored words and a list of allowed words. This way you can censor for example ass without...


Jun 15, 2012 zachbora Release
Amaterasu - Oh my god my eyes are burning! For those familiar with the world of Naruto might know about the Ninjutsu Amaterasu. The user of this technique sets on an eternal fire whatever he is looking at. This plugin reproduces that effect! Usage /amaterasu : Toggles the Ninjutsu. Once enabled, hold the Sneak key (shift) to set whatever you are looking at on fire. Works at max block distance of 25. Permission Plugin Works with PermissionsEx Permission nodes /amaterasu - To-do...
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Oct 12, 2011 zachbora Release
Welcome to Sneak Racer! The plugin that allows you to race using your sneak key (shift). Create wool tracks and partake in championships against your friends and your foes! Wool paths can go up or down and turn. If there is only one direction to go, you will automatically be oriented in that direction. May the best sneaker win! How to use video Usage /sneakracer : While standing on Wool, this turns you into a Sneak Racer. Press without holding the shift key to move, repeat to move more...


Oct 05, 2011 zachbora Planning
It's a city simulator. You decide where you want to start your city and expend from there using gathered resources.
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