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    Feb 12, 2012
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v3b - 12 Feb 2012
- Bundle of Fletchings has been renamed to Fletchings. (Don't worry, you won't lose the ones you have.)
- Chicken Feathers added. They can be plucked from chickens every 3 in-game days or looted off their dead bodies.
- Vendors now have a chance to sell Fletchings and Chicken Feathers.
- Ancient Nord Arrows require one less Iron Ingot.
- To address complaints about the ingots weighing down the player, Nord Hero Arrows now require less heavy ingots, but more weightless arrows.

v3a - 07 Feb 2012
- Minor header error fixed by Creation Kit.
- Published to Steam Workshop.
(This version wasn't upload to Curse because the header error didn't affect anything.)

v3 - 22 Nov 2011
- Menus fixed. For example, Orcish Arrows now appear in the Orcish section of the smithing menu.
- Added recipe for Ancient Nord Bow.
- Feathers re-worked. Arrows now require a Bundle of Fletchings, which can be made at the tanning rack using 3 Hawk Feathers, 3 Hagraven Feathers, or 3 Quills.

v2a - 21 Nov 2011
- Fixed formIDs (hopefully) that might have caused random bugs.

v2 - 18 Nov 2011
- All recipes requirements re-balanced. Most now require hawk feathers and make 50 arrows.
- Added Ancient Nord Arrow recipe.

v1 - 17 Nov 2011
- Initial Release