Arrowsmith: Vanilla Edition v.3c


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    Aug 2, 2012
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v.3c - 01 Aug 2012
- Hawks are no longer invincible (separate invincible hawk fix mod no longer needed)
- Chicken plucking reworked:
    They now have a "talk" prompt like normal NPCs.
    Talking to them brings up their inventory so you can loot feathers.
    They regrow feathers at a rate of 1 feather per day and can have a maximum of 12 feathers.
    (They stop growing feathers at 12 but will start growing again if you loot them.)
    And just for fun, they also squawk when you pluck them.

v.3b - 12 Feb 2012
- Bundle of Fletchings has been renamed to Fletchings. (Don't worry, you won't lose the ones you have.)
- Chicken Feathers added. They can be plucked from chickens every 3 in-game days or looted off their dead bodies.
- Vendors now have a chance to sell Fletchings and Chicken Feathers.
- Ancient Nord Arrows require one less Iron Ingot.
- To address complaints about the ingots weighing down the player, Nord Hero Arrows now require less heavy ingots, but more weightless arrows.

v.3a - 07 Feb 2012
- Minor header error fixed by Creation Kit.
- Published to Steam Workshop.

v.3 - 22 Nov 2011
- Menus fixed. For example, Orcish Arrows now appear in the Orcish section of the smithing menu.
- Added recipe for Ancient Nord Bow.
- Feathers re-worked. Arrows now require a Bundle of Fletchings, which can be made at the tanning rack using 3 Hawk Feathers, 3 Hagraven Feathers, or 3 Quills.

v.2a - 21 Nov 2011
- Fixed formIDs (hopefully) that might have caused random bugs.

v.2 - 18 Nov 2011
- All recipes requirements re-balanced. Most now require hawk feathers and make 50 arrows.
- Added Ancient Nord Arrow recipe.

v.1 - 17 Nov 2011
- Initial Release