BULLSEYE v1.0 by SLuckyD

What we have here is the very FIRST mod offering a new WORLDSPACE and a new INTERIOR CELL, linked to VANILLA SKYRIM; as well as a lot of OTHER new/custom things!  Though this is just a NOVELTY mod, it serves as PROOF OF CONCEPTS for what capabilities we already have available to us for preCKModding.  This version also includes a wee Stonehenge (the 'rebuilt' model).

Wanna know the SECRET to how I made this... shall you open the strange, new (actually IN-GAME) DOOR in Markarth, taking you to a place where Yokudan secrets are burned into the countryside?  Thusly would you be enabled to begin modding without the new CK (and see cheesy examples of what we are ALREADY ABLE to EASILY do).  You'll just have to PLAY this SHORT MOD, at the end of which you'll find out!  [updates to follow]  BTW: NOTHING in VanillaSky is changed or overwritten.  90+% of this was custom-made with... *SPOILER*; as well as some Vanil meshes & textures being used.  This was due to expediency, and NOTHING VANSKY WAS HARMED in the process - this mod simply REFERENCES VanSky resources.

(all of which are 100% CUSTOM and/or NEW, not 'TESvSnipped' as a replacer)
- a NEW Worldspace
- a NEW Interior Cell
- Doors which link them together, as well as to VanillaSky (Markarth)
- Lights (the NIF object kind.. Interior GI is NOT working as expected)
- Activators: though scripting is NOT available, we DO have anims & sound (though not included in this version)
- Music & Sound (assignable to play in certain areas)


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