Detailed Guard Shields and Banners

The textures for the city guards' shields and the hold banners have been completely remade from scratch with much higher detail. They are now 4 times as big as the original ones (1024x1024).

Please take a look at the screenshots which show all the new textures.

As of the current version 0.5, this mod improves the following textures:
Guard Shield - Solitude
Guard Shield - Pale
Guard Shield - Whiterun
Guard Shield - Windhelm
Guard Shield - Hjaalmarch
Guard Shield - Falkreath
Guard Shield - Markarth
Guard Shield - Riften
Guard Shield - Winterhold

Hold Banner - Solitude

In the upcoming versions, more hold banners will be improved.

Installation and removal instructions are included in the readame file in the mod's archive.

To get the best out of your visual gaming experience and of this mod, I highly reccomend you to try the Skyrim Enhaned Shaders mod, found here:
with "no bloom, high saturation" ini file.


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