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This Project will have
- separate world-space with a city/town on an island
- separate crafting system
- dungeon crawling (think dungeons in wow)
- player estate/home (will be able to chose estate yourself by activating the esp for that home if no esp is activated there will be an empty plot)
- (player may be able to choose other buildings the same way you would pick an estate but not sure yet)

City Mod (vanilla Skyrim required to run)
-will be the city where you can gate/port to dungeons, craft equipment, stock up on potions store your loot etc.
Dungeon Mod (City Required To Use)
-Will have 1 Dungeon OR 1 big dungeon split in several parts (Will be Compatible with ALL other Dungeon mod's)

Hopefully i will get the go ahead on adding in a certain follower mod.
If not i hope i will be able to incorporate a mercenary mod.

If you are interested in contribute to this project
contact me e-mail:

I will accept all help (all needed/wanted help)
there is always room for more staff
Wanted/Needed Staff is
Model maker's (models for misc item's Sword's Armour's Static)
Texture maker's (make new textures for models OR re-texture vanilla items to create a variety of items)
Dungeon builder's (New Dungeon's OR just Recreation of dungeons from other games)
Town Builder/Designer (The town with the hall of portals a friend of mine said cavern of times :) may give it thought)
Lore Writer (write lore friendly lore not needed atm we need somthing to write the lore for first)


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