Explozion818's Dwarven Pack

Explozion818's Dwarven Pack

This is my second release, this is my Dwarven Pack, It took 2 days of hard work to make the final product, hours of trial and error to get the colors I wanted, I also spent a significant time on the armor, using the dodge, and burn tool on the default texture to clean up the armor a bit, I also used the healing brush to remove some of the dirty spots on the armor itself. I tried about a dozen different colors and textures until I decided to keep this reddish/bronze color. I kept the originality, while still making a distinguishable change to the Armor pieces, I tried not to drastically alter the texture, like making extremely bright colors, I like keeping a realism feel to my texture packs.The Armor is what I put my blood, sweat, and tears in, metaphorically speaking. I had such an attention to detail on the armor, that even the nuts and bolts on the chest piece are custom.

Authors Notes:

I could not change the light maps, which include the dirty look to the texture, the image, if re-sized would lose its resolution. That lightmap is a mess, I attempted to clean up the dirt with the healing brush, but that only made it worse, and I decided to just leave it as is.

The Female uses the same texture as the Male, but in the texture directory, Female has its own .dds, but I didn't edit it because the texture I created carried over into the Females model mysteriously. Heck, It works fine, less work for me. If anyone runs into any issues, I'll work on the separate .dds for the Female, and update this file with it.


This pack contains new textures for the following:

  • Male Chest Piece, Helmet, Gloves, and Boots. (Female works with the Male Chest Piece currently)
  • Dwarven Shield
  • Dwarven Warhammer
  • Dwarven Sword
  • Dwarven Staff
  • Dwarven Sphere Arrow
  • Dwarven Scabbard
  • Dwarven Mace
  • Dwarven Handaxe
  • Dwarven Greatsword
  • Dwarven Dagger
  • Dwarven Bow
  • Dwarven Battleaxe
  • Dwarven Arrow


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