Hillside Home Quest


This is a quest for a new home I call Hillside. The Quest begins inside Breezehome (look on the table.)

If you have modified Breezehome with console etc then you most likely won't be able to start the quest, so below I will give you the location of the house, those who want to complete the quest don't read past the warnings.

The house includes:
- 23 Weapon Racks
- 99 Extra Bookslots
- 2 Mini-Mannequins (Dolls...?)
- 3 Mannequins
- 8 shield plaques
- 2 shield/wpn plaques
- 2 weapon plaques
- All Blacksmithing Tools
- Ench/Alch tables
- Two Pouches for Ench/Alch
- Tons of Chests in appropriate locations
- Exterior to match (very rough atm)
- Garden/Stables

- Spouse/Companion are current main issues, the companion will come in like any other companion but will not live there, when you leave the house it will disappear for a few seconds because it was ported a distance a way, don't worry, they will arrive to you in about 20 seconds.

- Spouses don't work yet, at all really, they may stand there look at your, about it.

I will be making modifications as development moves on, the exterior is currently quickly put in but you will notice you get a quick travel point etc.

-0.3 Update Procedure-

If you currently have items inside Hillside then you need to take these measures to update, you will only have to do this once because the entire zone has been moved and re-created to deal with a ton of issues.

Updating from Hillside 0.2 to 0.3:
REMOVE Everything from hillside, put it on your character, leave the house, save, then quit and begin updating, make sure the old ESP is OFF and to be safe delete it. Install BOTH the Hillside.ESM and the Hillside0_3.ESP.

Changing to .ESM should make it so you don't have to take any of these measures again when updating.

If you forgot to read this don't panic, just turn off 0.3 and turn on the last version you had on, re-enter the game on an old version and do the steps above to properly update.

- Make Hillside a .esm
- Work the .esm in with the .esp
- Fixed Travel marker (temp froki’s shack)
- Added 3 new mannequins
- Added 8 shield plaques
- Added 2 shield/wpn plaques
- Added 2 weapon plaques
- Fixed Bookshelfs not showing
- Exterior remodeling
- House looks different
- House aligned properly, ground to match
- Stables added
- Garden added outside in the back
- More trees etc
- Chopping Block added
- Shrines don’t float anymore
- Extended downstairs display room
- Moved Mini-Mannequins to Smithing area

Those who don't want to do the quest you will find the house SE of Ivarstead in the hills. You may already have the Travel Point. You can also type COC HILLSIDE in console to go inside the house.


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