Lorecraft - CORE - learning and managing for crafting

This is a copy-paste from the Nexus Page. I won't update this mod as often here. So you better check its page there instead. Also I WON'T UPLOAD CONTENT PLUGINS TO SKYRIM FORGE. Check Skyrim Nexus for them.





by ArcaneSmith**


Lorecraft has been reworked once again and been split further to increase compatibility and available choice of plugins. Now the esm is just a library that contains the basic stuff that Lorecraft plugins need, this way modders can now also make plugins that change and add recipes of vanilla items without clashing with Lorecraft. The files have also been cleaned and bugfixed with this split, thanks to ScarabMonkey for helping me with this. Moreover, I’ve finished making all the remaining content from 1.4 available as separate plugins here on Skyrim Nexus.

ATTENTION OLD TIMERS! The "more craftables" part of Lorecraft has been split out and moved to a new page! Don't forget to download it from there! HOPEFULLY all your books should still be there. If you lose anything, please just cheat your stuff back from the loretest hall. Thanks and sorry in advance! =) It's a sacrifice for the greater good! (epic soundtrack)


  • Introduces a learning and managing system to crafting that uses books with custom page art
  • You need to learn how to craft items, instead of having them delivered straight to your forge.*
  • Once the books are read, you can store them on a shelf (or wherever) to manage your crafting lists
  • Features a compatible dynamic looting system which works in-game and doesn’t change vanilla leveled lists
  • Supports content plugins
  • If you wanna test the recipes or just cheat, type "coc loretest" to teleport to the testing hall. Look for the Lorecraft Recipes container next to the anvil. Apologies for the stink. My QA smith works there. :P


  • Unclutters crafting lists
  • Gives you choice in what you want to craft and what you don't
  • Makes items easy and faster to find on the list
  • Increases immersion/ fun, since you act like a smith at the forge
  • Adds a bit of rewarding challenge in acquiring your craftable stuff


  • When opened the first time they teach you the recipe(s) it contains
  • Once read and learned, they won't open normally anymore.
  • When out of your inventory, pressing E (or your custom activate key) will toggle recipes on and off at the corresponding crafting station (default is on after first read).
  • Pressing and holding E will open the book
  • When open, you can either press E to pick the book up or Tab to close it, normally
  • After the first read and learned the recipe(s), opening the book again will do nothing.

    For example, you want to craft Steel Armor. You go to a smith, buy the crafting book for a set of Steel Armor and read it. Once you read it, the set will appear on your crafting list at the forge. After you're done crafting it, you can store the book on a shelf (or just drop it) target and press E (or whatever your key is), and it will toggle it "off". The message "Not using these recipes" will appear, which means Steel Armor won't be displayed on your craft list. The next time you want to make more Steel Armor, you can press E on the book again, and the message "Using these recipes" will appear, and the Steel Armor set will be visible on your crafting list.

This way, you can have all your favorite gear stored on one or more bookshelves next to your forge/anvil, and activate/deactivate them as you see fit before crafting. The forge or the tanning rack will list just the items you want at any given time. Still, if you don't want to use the managing part of the mod, you can just learn the books and forget about them.


LorecraftESM.esm is Lorecraft’s core, which contains only the needed stuff to make Lorecraft plugins work. Without at least 1 plugin, the core does nothing. This zip already includes a content plugin, Lorecraft - Vanilla, which adds the vanilla stuff that is already craftable to the Lorecraft system, but you don’t have to use this if you don’t want. All additional content plugins now have their own pages with ‘Lorecraft’ in the title.



So, shoving leveled lists into leveled lists is not the way to go about loot. It creates incompatibilities and it's, well, a pain in the ass. So I've designed a dynamic looting system that will add drops as you go, making stuff drop even from creatures in other mods. It also features:

  • Loot glow: When a mob drops one of the books, they will glow faintly (across all modules).
  • Loot filter: When you loot one of the books, it will stop dropping. No one needs a shelf full with club recipes. (across all modules)
  • Compatibility: If someone ever makes a mod with, say, naked mutant anime vampires, they will still drop Lorecraft's vampire loot. And if they make their own factions/races, they might still drop regular npc loot, and if I want to make the loot fully compatible to the mod (highly unlikely for this kinda crap), all it takes is a couple of clicks.


Same old requirements still apply. So, to craft, say, a set of Ebony Armor, you still need to have Ebony Smithing, and have read the crafting book for Ebony Armor (and have that book toggled on). Jewelry still has no material requirements and should never have. All you need to do is learn the recipes.


  • The looting system is Compatible to mods that change leveled lists for existing creatures and the smithing vendor. This is NOT a list-based loot/vendor system.
  • The Lorecraft - Vanilla.esp plugin is Not compatible to anything that changes vanilla constructible object recipes
  • Compatible with anything that changes vanilla gear attributes such as speed, damage etc. <<color yellow>>
  • You can easily convert existing mods that contain craftables to the Lorecraft system. If you want to create a content plugin, there’s a short, easy, tutorial with pics for download.<</color>> (I still have to update it with info regarding the new looting system. Until then, if you’re developing a plugin for Lorecraft, feel free to PM me for this info if you can’t reverse engineer it yourself.)


-A few book pages are still generic placeholders. They may be reskinned with something more specific as the mod goes. (If you find any rainbow colored IMG files those are NOT placeholders, report missing image).
- The Lorecraft - Vanilla.esp plugin breaks the noobie smithing quest. No eta on fix. A workaround is to disable the plugin, finish the quest, reenable it. You won’t lose any books.


-ScarabMonkey for being the first (hopefully of many) to develop Lorecraft plugins and also for giving me a hand cleaning, splitting, bugfixing and testing shit in my files.
-Xenius for featuring Lorecraft on Skyrim Forge

Lorecraft’s future is now in your hands! I’m probably not going to develop more content plugins for it. So, If you like the Lorecraft system, endorse this page and spread the word and ask your favorite modder to make Lorecraft plugins ( but please, don’t annoy the crap out of them). The more visibility this mod gets, the more content plugins are made by other modders! Even better, start making plugins yourself. Now get those asses moving! XD



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