Mage Charlies Homeland

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Charlie's Homeland

Welcome to Mage Charlie's homeland, Beautiful surroundings, eerie forests, mages, wizards, bears & deer’s, plus much more. What can you find! There is plenty to explore.

I have added no quests at the minute because I’m not the best at making them, If anybody wishes to help me in doing so please PM me on the Nexus site, I really think this mod could use some custom quests to give it more depth.

This has taken me quite a while to get this mod up and running in problems with LOD and having to meticulously place all the damn trees so if you like please either leave some feed back add an endorsement take a pic, It is always nice to know what people think about my mods and if you have any ideas about what I could add to it to make it better please let me know.

Farms Inn Fort Village City Church Blacksmith Merchants Caves Lake Custom NPC's Custom Pictures Wizards Tower Mage's Home Stables (not fully working yet if any one can see what I have done wrong here please let me know) A collection of most of my house mods all in one mod Custom potions Animals Forest Areas Stream All fully navmeshed


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