This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A place in Skyrim will be made called Dera'tay. You can find it by finding traveling Tolk'ir, rumors from innkeepers, or the local guards. Here, there will be a new race, the Tolk'ir who are a people from Raat'wei, an island secluded from the rest of Tamriel. In Dera'tay, the dragonborn will find Mistwalkers, people who can completely change your character. Class, name, story, everything. If you choose to become the new race, Tolk'ir (there will be a dialogue option that starts the quest) they will take you to Raat'wei. You will take a new form of travel called, Mistwalking. You will board a Tolk'ir boat and Mistwalk to Raat'wei. Mistwalking basically transports you into the Realm of Mist, a place of shadows that only the strongest can walk. Everything around you slows down and takes a dark shade of purple, while your speed is significantly increased. Best part, nothing can see you, you are a walking mist, anything in your path is destroyed. Once in Raat'wei, the dragonborn is accepted as a Tolk'ir Warrior and after doing a main questline for the Royal Tolk'ir Court, you become the legendary rank of Mistreaper. You can Mistwalk for 3x as long ( 3 minutes) and you can Mistwalk through dragons. Halfway through the main questline you can change races again and still be considered a member of the Tolk'ir. The city in Raat'wei (Kal'aar) will be home to other Tolk'ir NPC's with problems that need handling (side-quests). New enemies include the Basilisks, Swamp men, Mist Soldiers, Jungle Trolls, Cave Tolls, and Infected Tolk'ir (Yes, Zombies I couldn't help it.) The Hall of Mist is the faction of Mistwalkers that will include a new fun faction quest line that rewards Mistwalker Armor (Heavy, light, or robes) and Mistwalker weapons (Swords, daggers, or staves). You can own a home in Raat'wei and there will be numerous new followers to choose from. Mistwalkers can also alter the appearance of their weapons and armor (Mist-shaping).(Change colors of weapons and armor). Hope you guys have fun! Mistwalkers can also tame wildlife (Mist control) and you can have up to three domesticated animals in your house (if you have the room for them to live in).


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