Mutes woodcutting skills

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Last updated at 11:13, 20 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 12:36, 31 Dec 2012 (Please donate so that I can keep making mods without funds mod progress will be slowed way down please help)

Mute's woodcutting skills 2.2

Hello, Mute here, I set out to make a mod that would add woodcutting into the smithing skills, i checked around and the only woodcutting skill i found was all done via a spell, so i wanted to prove that you can do what the author said you couldnt, fully intagrate the woodcutting skill into the smithing skill tree. this is a beta version but i am only needing to do that to make sure it does not bog down anyones computer.

- Required MOD - None i made sure that everything needed was self contained.

- Installation - Just unpack via nmm or if doing it yourself just unpack into the data folder.

- How to use skill - Just find a woodchopping block, and make sure that you have a woodcutter axe with you. [Requires new game/or starting from being prisoner]

- Conflicting mods - conflicts with anything that adds new perks to smithing perk tree. Conflicts with anything that has to do with Smithing Perks. thats all that should conflict. - Credits - Bethesda Skyrim Nexus maker of original woodcutting skills

by Mute Lovestone - Afterword - Feel Free to use and adapt this mod to the way you like, just please give credit to myself and the Maker of the original woodchopping skill. - Change Log- 1.0- initial release 2.0- added more perks, raised Max Level of woodcutting skills Added special Materials that will Be full used in v3.0 beta added some Skills based on chance. fixed quick level bug for smithing, where 1 chop=2 smithing levels started to add stuff to be added in 3.0 beta.

2.2_Non-beta added some quest elements into the mod made it so you can play with either the mod skills or without started basics of the home started the basics of the scripts started to voice the whole thing added a few beta stage things

-Next update- 3.0_Beta- Fully add all materials and make them fully useable Find any bugs and fix them add more special Materials Make a Special Player home in Riverwood Add Special Shops

3.5_Beta- Expand the Player Home with Scripts Add Quest Expanding the full Mod Makeing A Script that allows the player to add items that they find with new scripts to the players home in riverwood Work out beter Experiance system

-Ideas up for voteing- 1) Expand to Include Fishing skills 2) expand to include Mineing Skills

-To Submit bug reports- please email the bug report to me at mut[email protected] -to submit ideas- Or anything else you would like to see email me at [email protected] thank you (MuteDay)


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