Nightmares of the Priest

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Quest Overview:
A simple job to recover some Antique Armour from a ruined Temple soon leads to the death of your employer after it's recovery and now you start recurring haunting nightmare of a long dead Priest. Each morning that you awake from the nightmare you feel physically weaker. Is the nightmare slowly killing you? Can you save yourself from the same fate of your employer?

Quest Information:
A intricate 7 stage quest line involving puzzle solving, combat and exploration. Designed for those that like a rich back story to their adventures with plenty of history to read involving the principal NPCs.

Plot Walkthrough - Dev Notes
Plot Walkthrough

Note: Until the TES:S Construction Kit is released no work can be done other then planning stage's and model asset creation, which is well under way. As soon as the TES:S CK is out I can start work on actually bringing the quest to the game.


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