Paarthurnax Choices (+3)

Originally used upload in the CK to steamworkshop. Trying out other mod sites to see how they work as well.

Created Feb 8, 2012
Updated Feb 11, 2012
Update 8, SteamRev11

Adds an three additional outcome to the Paarthurnax sidequest.

1a) Lie
2a) Murder in a fit of rage
2b) Murder before this quest even starts
3a) Talk them down

Talk to the involved NPCs to learn their side of the story to open the alternate option. Also after talking to the Blades about why they think you should do something your character gets fed up enough to either berate the either of the Blades. (Stage 60)

Or as requested you can also take advantage of the unessential status two characters have which occurs after learning a dragons name. Note that due to their low intelligence you need to kill both to fail the quest completely. The mod also will attempt to update their essential status even if your past the quest that you learn the name in.

If you already past the point of no return you should know and this mod will not have any affect after that point.

Update 1: Dialog trees related to quest closed after finishing through alternate route
Update 2: Graybeard Radiant Story Quests Remain enabled on Alt. Completion, and quest will not vanish after finishing main quest line.
Update 3: Added trigger to unessential two characters after learning the name of a dragon on either quest.
Update 4: You can also now talk them out of it with a lecture.
Update 5: Activation path is simplier now (Talk to graybeard or paarthurnax instead of and*)
Update 5.1: Fixed error that could occur if you already finished main quest and talked to graybeards (I now set my own stage that is a duplicate of stage 30 so if you come back you can still do it again)
Update 6: Added startup script so the quest can be updated even if your past the main quest line
Update 7: Altered script to monitor when Blades should be unessential
Update 8: Made monitor script also unhide quest if hidden by game and general code improvments.
Update 8.1: Checked completion and added checks for inconsistant quest stages.


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