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  • bcompeau created this issue Jan 27, 2012

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    Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

    Installed Version

    Cooking Recipe Bundle v4.04


    Been loading for over 15 minutes, had to force curse client shutdown

    Installed Addons

    all shrines & stones @ Dragonreach - Arrowsmith - Simple Fletching - Arrowsmith v3 Better Beast Races - Better Beast Races v2.0 Bookshelf Patch - Bookshelfpatch_02 Breezehome Basement - Breezehome Basement Breezehome First Wing - Breezehome First Wing 0.5 Cao's Advanced Perk Ranks - Cao's Advanced Perk Ranks Cao's Arrows to Ingots - Cao's Gem Crafting v1 - Cao_Gemcraft_1 Cao's Soulgems Upgradable - chris2012s whiterun hq texture pack - chris2012s hq texture pack whiterun 1.01 Cooking Recipe Bundle - Cooking Recipe Bundle v4.04 CountryTaverns - AlchemyLabs - Craftable Lockpicks - Craftable Lockpicks Craftable Pickaxe and Woodcutter's Axe - Craftable Pickaxe and Woodcutter's Axe Crafting Materials Recipes Bundle - Crafting Materials Recipes V1.5 Detailed Bodies - Detailed Bodies v1.3_Curse Detailed Faces - Detailed Faces v2.0 Detailed Lips - Detailed Lips v1.2 Display time on loading screen - Time on loading (v4a) Dovahkiin Hideout - READ THE README - Dovahkiin Hideout 0.3.5 READ THE README Dragonborn Coin - Dragonborn Coin v.2.2 Dwemer metal and dragonbone, less weight - Explozion818's Dwarven Pack - Explozion818's Dwarven Pack Explozion818's Elven Pack - Explozion818s Elven Pack Female Stygian Warpaints - Female Stygian Warpaints Green and Gold Noble Beds - Green and Gold Noble Beds High Quality Eyes - High Quality Eyes v1.2_Curse High Resolution Scars - High Resolution Scars v1.1 Hillside Home Quest - Hillside 0.3 Honeyhill - hillsideHoneyhill0_1 Ice of Skyrim - Ice of Skyrim v.1.5 Low Res Lockpick Pro - Lockpick Pro (v2) Longer Candlelight Spell - Longer Candlelight No More Blocky Faces - No More Blocky Faces 1.5 Nude Females - Nude Females v1.4 Full Proper Crafting Recipes - Proper Crafting Recipes Quest of the Seven Keys - Quest of Seven Keys Recipe: No Salt - No Salt Recipes V1.3 Red and Gold Noble Beds - Red and Gold Noble Beds Septim HD - Septim HD v.1.0 The Maze Chapter 2 - The_Maze_Chap_2 Toggle Khajit Night Eye - Toggle Khajit Night Eye Toggle Vampire Sight - Toggle Vampire Sight Weathered Warpaint and Improved Dirt - Weathered Warpaint and Improved Dirt v1.1 Weightless Items - Weightless Items V1.621

  • bcompeau added the tags New Defect Jan 27, 2012

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