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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Skyrim: Sellswords Mode by Alex Ducey

This mod creates an entirely new game mode that is wholly separate from the Skyrim campaign, and in no way interferes with the Tamriel of Bethesda's creation. This mode is meant to simulate Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil, but knowledge of those games in no way helps with this one.

This guide will be pretty long, so I had better make a table of contents, haven't I?

1. How it works: Getting Started and Understanding the Game Mechanics 2. Items and skill/attribute buffs 3. Enemies 4. Acknowledgements 5. Coming features


Getting started could not be simpler. Simply start a New Game from the Skyrim main menu. After a moment it will ask you whether you would like to play the vanilla Skyrim campaign or Sellswords mode. Choose sellswords and it will bring you to a small room with several doors and a Merchant. You will then choose your race and appearance. The merchant we will discuss momentarily, for now you need only concern yourself with the chest immediately to your front. That is where you will find your starting equipment. Take it and head through the DWEMER DOORS. The other doors are for later installments and will be meant for high level characters.

Enemies will now begin spawning. KILL THEM.

When you do, you will begin to accrue a combo score. These combo scores are redeemable at the end of the stage (or when you die or run out of time) for Gold. Gold is used (shocker here) to buy things that will improve your character from the Merchant. Combo scores rack up for 15 seconds following the last time you killed someone (as in, every time you get a kill the timer resets and you now have fifteen seconds once again to kill another enemy). Every kill improves your multiplier by an addition of .10. Therefore if you kill twenty enemies worth ten points each you will have earned (10 * 20) * (1 + (20 * .10)), or 600 points. You will also get 1/20 of your combo score in additional time. The time limit begins at five minutes, but by consistently getting good combos you could keep going for a full twenty or so. This is (not) coincidentally about the amount of time the level takes.

That is the gist of the core mechanics. Onwards to items.\

OH! Almost forgot. Forget about levelling up or gaining experience. If you want to be better, you have to buy the improvements from the Merchant. (Also, no Magicka for you. This is Sellswords, not Spellswords.) 2. ITEMS: DUDE, GREEN HERBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU

There's a lot of information here, so feel free to skip and instead read the item descriptions in-game or just explore for yourself.

2a) Bows Bows are the primary weapon of the Sellsword. They come in five tiers, and two types. There are light bows, which fire very quickly, and Heavy bows, which are more powerful. For example you will start with a Long Bow (light) and Hunting Bow (heavy). Choose whichever suits your playstyle. Some enemies will be easier with one, others with the other.

2b) Daggers Daggers are quite powerful, but obviously one needs to be right on top of an enemy to use them. Power attacking has a knockback effect. That's about all you need know.

2c) Arrows For now there are only standard arrows, but more types will be added in later versions. (Maybe)

2d) Grenades They come in two flavors. Incendiary and flashbang/stun. The effects of which are as intuitive as they are devastating. There seems to be some issue with their explosive radii. I'm looking into it.

2e)Armors and Shields Here's a tricky one. Armor no longer gives you armor rating, oddly enough. Instead, they grant a % chance to avoid a hit entirely, but in no way lessen damage received if you are hit. There are five tiers of armor, beginning with a 10% chance of avoiding damage and ending at a full 50%. Shields work in much the same manner, but only work while blocking. They begin with a 25% chance and end with 50% (Obviously, having the best of both armor and shield would be quite nice.)

2f) Skills and Attributes There are books which will improve your skills to a given level. Now, while in vanilla skyrim the difference in damage between a bow fired from someone with 50 Marksman and 100 was about 6%. In this it is a full 100%. Therefore buying the tome for Marksman 100 makes your bows pack twice the punch. Handy. Health and stamina may also be purchased up to a total of 300 additional of a given attribute.

2g) Boots and Gloves Boots can improve your stamina (allowing for more knockback power attacks) or your movement speed (in increments of 3%). There are five tiers of each.

2h) Nirnroots Nirnroots serve as potions. A Green Nirnroot will heal you 10 pts. A red nirnroot will not heal you at all, but eating green nirnroots soon after a red will heal you 60 pts.

3) Enemies:

I Draugr HP: 20 Damage: 10 (30 with Hammer)

Notes: Draugr spawn with hammers 25% of the time. Those with hammers are 35% slower. II Black Dogs HP: 6 Damage: 15

Notes: While fast, dogs low health means that even the weakest of bows need not be fully drawn to kill them.

III Falmer HP: 50 Damage: 20 with bow, 25 with sword

IV Chaurus HP: 100 Damage: 30 with any attack

V Sphere Centurions HP 150: Damage: 40

VI Steam Centurions HP: 200 Damage: 50

VII Boss - The Great and Terrible Let you find out for yourselves. Suffice it to say, you've never fought anything like it in Skyrim.

4. Acknowledgements

The only one I can think of at the moment is Verteiron, who helped considerably building the final boss. While I cannot add people to the list who donate (against site rules) know that I deeply appreciate it. Not only does it make my work feel important, I am trying to go back to school for game design and every penny helps enormously. If everyone donated just 1 dollar I could have my tuition very quickly.

5. Coming features:

Helms - Detect Life and Improve Bow Zoom Perks - Thinks like Eagle Eye, Shield Runner, etc. Shouts - More of them New levels New enemies New bosses New grenades (maybe) etc.


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