Spirits of Skyrim

The "Spirits of Skyrim" replaces the textures of all the existing alcohol beverages in the game and adds in many new drinks, some from other Elder Scrolls title and some I created. All alcohol drinks are now listed under foods so if you're looking for the Riften Specials under potions, they aren't there anymore. No potions or poisons were altered for this mod.

I'm nearing completion on a mod called "Spirits of Nirn" that will put a beverage store where the Mythic Dawn museum was for those who kill Silus (which leaves the museum permanently empty). I realize that Silus may still live in your game so this mod was carved out of that one as a stand-alone mod. However, not all the drinks are available without the shop. If you want all the new drinks, you'll need to use the console. Below is the list of drinks that you can currently buy in various locations around Skyrim.

Changes to existing drinks:

  • The 4 existing wine bottles have small changes. Instead of 2 versions of Alto Wine and 2 versions of Wine, there is now Alto Wine, Tenor Wine, Wine and Cheap WIne. Each is a different coloring.
  • Ale is now called Son of a Horker Ale
  • Nord Mead is now Nordic Mead (I'm really not that creative)
  • Honningbrew Mead has a different bottle mainly because I textured the wrong bottle and decided to stick with it.
  • Embrand Wine & Ashfire Mead have their own distinct bottles & labels
  • The Riften Specials have unique bottles & textures
  • Jessica's Wine has a unique model
  • A few bottles had their UV maps tweaked a bit including corks for the bottles I used. This only affects the bottles in this mod and will NOT affect any other bottle.

Drinks added from other games:

  • From Oblivion:
    • Shadowbanish Wine (sold in the Raggon Flagon)
    • there are 5 others but they are only available through the console until Spirits of Nirn is released
  • From Morrowind
    • Telvanni Bug Musk (sold in Tel Mithryn)
    • there are 2 others but they are only available through the console until Spirits of Nirn is released
  • From Tamriel Online
    • Falkreath Rosy Mead
    • There are 6 others but they are only available through the console until Spirits of Nirn is released

New Creations (sold at inns that have at least 2 large casks in the Vanilla game)

  • 7,000 Step Ale (Vilemyr Inn)
  • Spruce Ale & Sabre Cat Altbier (Nightgate Inn)
  • Icy Apple Cyser (Frostfruit Inn)
  • Stormcrown Mead (Old Hroldan Inn)
  • Starfrost Old Ale (Windpeak Inn)
  • Morihaus' Mug Aleberry (Moorside Inn)
  • The Mage's Metheglin (Frozen Hearth)
  • The Verdant Stone Short Mead (Braidwood Inn)

Additions Mentioned by NPCs but not found in game or CK:

  • Beer (added to LootDrink25 Leveled List)
  • Old Gold 200 Mead (Winking Skeever)
  • Fat Toad 190 (Winking Skeever)
  • Black-Briar Berry Blend 195 (Winking Skeever, Black-Briar Meadery)
  • Holy Water (sold at Apothecaries)
  • Mogo's Mead: NOT ADDED (it is added by numerous other mods including Interesting NPCs)


Several bottles from Morrowind Style Clutter and More were used in this mod. http:www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24883/?


Download and install via your favorite mod manager


Remove the "Spirits of Skyrim" folders inside Data/Textures/Clutter and Data/Meshes/Clutter.


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