XCE Optional v1.13


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    Mar 22, 2012
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[02-12-11] 1.00 Release
[06-12-11] Added optional darker & desaturated eyes
[09-12-11] 1.01 Update - Fixed shape of the lips
[10-12-11] 1.02 Update - Added Gizmodian's Warpaint for females
[11-12-11] 1.03 Update - Added male warpaint, fixed lips, slightly changed some of the female warpaint
[12-12-11] 1.04 Update - Fixed male warpaint, added Gizmodian's scars for females
[13-12-11] 1.05 Update - Added male scars
[01-01-12] 1.10 Update - New male face textures based on Geonox' textures, dark eyes have been made default,
added weathered warpaint, added improved dirt, added high resolution scars, added Phygit's FemFeet, added
Mr. Dave's eyelashes, eliminated neckseam and other body seams
[09-02-12] 1.11 Update - Removed unnecessary normal maps, new normal maps are included in the official texture pack. Mod now works with .esp file and .bsa archive.
[20-02-12] 1.12 Update - Added optional clean skin for females
[13-03-12] 1.13 Update - Added custom body patch

Optional features include:

Custom body patch*
Clean skin for females
Character normal maps (For those who do not use the official HD texture pack)

  • This will simply replace the face textures with slightly edited ones to make them compatible with any
    body replacer. This will only work properly if the custom body is compatible with Skyrim's original
    face textures.