Knowledge Base / Policy / Executable Files


Reason for Policy

Executable files pose additional dangers for end-users. These files may infect the host computer with different malicious software, which potentially could lead to the user accounts being compromised. As a result, extra precautions are in place for any executable code submitted to CurseForge/WowAce.

Executable Submission

Source Code

Any executable files submitted to CurseForge or WowAce must be accompanied by its source code. A code review on the source code will be done to ensure that the executable is safe for use.

Closed Source Projects

If you wish to keep your source close private, there are numerous ways which this can be accomplished. The source code can be provided to a CurseForge or WowAce moderator through the following means:

  • Private paste on CurseForge or WowAce.
  • Send the code as an attachment via a private message on the site.
  • Submit the source code as a file with the caveat asking the moderator to delete it once reviewed.
  • E-mail the source code to the moderator.

Any source code provided for review will only be reviewed to ensure the safety of the users and it will not be retained, or released in any form.

Virus Scan

All executable files will be run through Virus Total.

Compliance with Game Policies

All executable files must comply with any in-game polices for which they are being developed.

Reverse Engineering

CurseForge and WowAce reserves the right to reverse engineer or decompile any executable files uploaded.