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If you upload a project that is not your own, it will not be accepted on CurseForge.

The only time this doesn't apply is if you have a legitimate change you created and the project in question has a license that would allow you to make said changes. Any license that follows the Open Source Definition is forkable by definition. Note that you can't upload an addon verbatim without adding anything to it if it isn't yours, we won't accept it here.

If you do want to fork a project that already is on curseforge, it is highly, highly recommended to clone the project and work from there. If you need to have a completely separate project, inform a moderator and we can work with you to assess the situation.

If the original author informs us of some misgivings, we will take it under consideration and make a judgement at our discretion. We want to preserve everyone's rights and make the best judgement overall.


Date created
Sep 09, 2008