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How many points are given out?

Author Reward Points are allocated to a reward points pool every month. The amount of points added to the pool is based on a percentage of revenue generated through Curse Premium Sales.

When is points generation done?

Points generation is conducted daily. A portion of the overall allocation of points is given out each day. If you don't get points during a day, it means something may have gone wrong, but don't worry you won't lose out on any points.

What happens if points weren't generated for a certain day?

Everybody panic!! Actually don't. This is okay. Due to many factors, points generation might not run. If this is the case, those points that you missed out on for that day will still be in the overall pool, and you should see a slight increase for the remaining days of the month.

Why did my points drastically decrease?

There is a certain allocation of points for the month and the points generation system makes sure all of those points are used up by the end of the month. Months with fewer days in them will generally see more points per day than longer months, and also near the end of the month you may see a significant point increase.

How are points calculated?

Points are calculated magically. Actually, it's based off of popularity of the addon via installs with the Curse Client v5, as well as downloads from

How much are points worth?

Right now, a single point works out to 5 cents.

When do I start receiving points?

There is a certain threshold to be obtained before a specific project will be given points. Once you meet that threshold you'll start receiving points for that project.

How are points distributed when there are multiple contributors?

Point allotment per project is left up to the project manager to specify the percentage of points for each author on the project. We (the moderators or Curse) do not control who gets what percentage of points on a project.

What can I buy with my points?

Right now there are Amazon gift cards for certain countries, and a $100, $150 or $500 Paypal deposit. More items may be added over time.

How do I sign up to receive reward points?

You can sign up by going to one of these pages:

You only need to do it once and you will be signed up for both sites.