Knowledge Base / Trinium Changelog


January 25th, 2011

  • You can now mark a given poll as active to make it show up on the front page of the project or site it's attached to. If no poll is marked active, no poll will be shown. This can be toggled on the edit page of the poll.
  • Polls can now be deleted and undeleted.
Bug Fixes
  • Wiki pages no longer generate invalid links when linking to different namespaces.
  • Reward splits are now maintained when transferring ownership of projects.
  • Fixed a permission issue on profile pages.

January 21st, 2011

  • Added Recent Changes page and version info in the footer.
  • Added filtering to the localization namespaces page, allowing users to find deleted namespaces.
  • When creating a phrase or namespace with a conflicting key, the user will now get directed to either edit the existing phrase or namespace, or change the key. If the existing phrase or namespace was deleted, they are given the option to restore it.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed errant behaviour with usernames and email addresses containing underscores.
  • When deleting a localization namespace, all the associated phrases will now also be deleted. Likewise, when restoring a namespace, all phrases are restored along with it.
  • Projects marked as Changes Required or Under Review are now only accessible by moderators and managing members of the project. Previously, they could be still be accessed by other users by going directly to the URL.
  • Fixed URL redirect issue with naked domains.


Date created
Jan 25, 2011